Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Apple MagSafe Adapter Cord Repair

If you're an Apple user, and one that uses their power adapter like it's supposed to be used, you will eventually see something like this happen. If you're lucky, the adapter will still charge. If you're not so lucky, it won't charge at all. 

In this situation, if you're lucky enough for the break to occur close to the brick, you can cut and strip without losing too much length. Otherwise, you'll need to spend $15 on something like this:

Cut, and strip. You'll find one insulation white, and braiding. This braiding is actually the "black" wire soldered inside. You'll need some heat shrink tubing to give the "black" wire insulation.

Stripped and braiding wrapped into new "black" wire.

heat shrink on braiding.

Next crack that bitch open. Credit to the guy who showed me this:

Push the wire back through the stress relief piece, and solder that bitch back in:

Put everything back together and you my friend have a brand new -ish power adapter. I wrapped silicone tape around the magnet end and the brick end to provide better strain relief. Do whatever. Let em know if you have questions. Peace!!!

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